IMG_1779.JPGWe had alot of fun with Tres-Femme to promote their couture tampon holder, the Girly Tube. Here’s the viral contest that we launched asking women to dish on their dilemmas of when a Girly Tube would have come to the rescue.

Girly Tube UR.png

Nira Arora and Kid Carson talked about it on the Beat 94.5FM, and then it was featured on Nira’s “Hot List” on Urban Rush (check out how Nira and Fiona made Jay a bit uncomfortable talking about tampons).


Then we blogged about it, Twittered about it, and Kris Krug even had some fun on Facebook with it.

Kris Krug Girly Tube.png

:: CASE STUDY below

Très Femme Accessories

Designer Sue Messent’s collection of girly girl fashion accessories, home décor items and fashion jewelry.

Having garnered press coverage in CosmoGirl to product placement on American Idol, Tres-Femme now wanted to increase their online media exposure. This project focused on the Girly Tube – and accessory used to carry your tampons discreetly and most importantly, in style.

Develop a campaign leveraging Sue’s quote: they make for a great conversation piece. By offering samples instill incentive for bloggers to get their readers to share their situations where the Girly Tube came into conversation. The most original stories of how a Girly Tube did /or would have saved the day was posted on the website, and the top story won a Très Femme girly gift pack. We gave women something to blog about!

Mediatonic PR secured the Girly Tube on gift “hot lists” on Shaw TV’s Urban Rush, the Beat 94.5 FM, multiple womens’ blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Beyond increased branding, web traffic spiked and retail orders were affirmed.