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Live at Squamish is a multi-day music and arts festival engulfed in the true spirit of BC and built in the spirit of the greatest European festivals. Surrounded by forests and mountains in the clean fresh air, multiple stages of the best and latest electronic, indie, blues, and rock music. +40 Artists incl. Devo, Dirty Vegas, & Tokyo Police Club. Happy times in a big field with great music!

Project: Over a three-month period use social media to launch the festival, encourage ticket sales, build a fanbase for multi-year plans, and develop a campaign where fans could engage with the brand.

Challenge: Breaking into the festival market in a time when Lilith Fair struggled with ticket sales and publicly criticized for its setup challenges (e.g. washrooms), despite being well attended Pemberton Festival did not return and left a legacy of setup challenges (e.g. 8 hr drive home and fans missing shows due to the traffic jams inbound), and Virgin Fest had not returned due to poor attendance.



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Results: In just three months the festival garnered over 1,500 friends, 1,170 followers, and 15% of website traffic was driven by social media (nearly matching direct traffic).  Sentiment was amazing – not one negative peep. In fact event the production caliber of the event was specifically praised. Post-event we used social media channels to collect feedback including who the fans wanted to have perform next year.

Competitive Context for Benchmarks: Other festivals similar in style, size and type of artists – such as Bumpershoot, Virgin Fest or Sasquatch! are multi-year festivals (see bottom). The closest comparison is a 2-year festival in Edmonton: Sonic Boom

Sonic-Boom.jpgWhere: Edmonton Northlands
When: Saturday, Sept 4 (one day)
Attendance:  14,675
Sonic Boom Fanbase:  Twitter followers   478 :: Facebook Fans 2,237
LIVE at Squamish Fanbase:  Twitter followers 1170 :: Facebook Fans 1,330

Conclusion I: Compared to a festival 1 year ahead, LIVE@Squamish garnered a greater Twitter base (over double = 1 year ahead of SonicBoom);SonicBoom holds almost double the Facebook base (1 year ahead of L@S, as would be expected).

Multi-Year Festivals – Goals For Next Year
Shambala  Twitter followers    422 :: Facebook Fans 27,000
Sasquatch!  Twitter followers 2,820 :: Facebook Fans 25,000
Bumbershoot  Twitter followers 6,036 :: Facebook Fans 16,000
Virgin Fest  Twitter followers 3,293 :: Facebook Fans 4,440

Conclusion II: In comparison to multi-year festivals with a social media head start for 2 years and over, LIVE@Squamish’s Facebook numbers are average, but extremely ahead of the anticipated accumulative Twitter base.

NOTE: This Client study is based on public numbers – no confidentiality is in question; however any reproduction of this case study requires our approval.