Now Hiring! Social Media Intern – Mediatonic PR [Vancouver] FALL 2012

If you live and breath pop culture…or the thought of Star Trek riles your inner nerd despite your fashionista/o exterior…then we have a great social media intern experience for you!

Mediatonic PR+social has a short-term (11-week), learn in the trenches internship. We have lots of tricks & strategy to teach – but you need to come to the table with some experience of your own.
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Painting Vancouver White – Diner en Blanc

Global dining phenomenon, Dîner en Blanc® has left its mark on Vancouver! The très chic pop-up picnic imported from Paris invited culinary and culture enthusiasts dressed in white to converge upon secret outdoor locales in 20 cities across 5 continents.

The most magic this city has seen since the magic of the Olympics.

Mediatonic PR proudly worked closely with our client The Social Concierge to bring the spirit of France to Vancouver by enlisting Top Chef Canada winner Dale MacKay along with a host of French entertainers, including internationally acclaimed Les Noces Gitanes.

Where was the SECRET location? The Jack Poole Plaza at Vancouver Convention Centre (home of the 2010 Olympic torch).


What was the biggest Public Relations challenge? 1) Not telling media until 30 minutes before the dinner started. Which was still 30 minutes before the diners themselves knew the location! 2) And enforcing the rules that even media wore white.

How’d it work? Part mystery, part magic, part je ne sais quoi, the day of the event unfolds the same in every city: the site is revealed at the last-minute to preserve spontaneity and secrecy. 1,200 guests met at designated rallying points where Table Hosts escorted them to the big reveal of the secret location. All dressed in elegant white (mandatory), brought their own epicurean meals (or pre-ordered a Chef MacKay picnic), non-disposable dinnerware, crystal, and table set. When it was time to leave, guests packed all they arrived with and headed into the night, no sign of their sophisticated revelry left behind.

See more AMAZING photos here




Part of the Mediatonic PR Team: Shelley Mantei, Erin O’Callaghan, Neesha Hothi


Novus TV (CityLights) Natalie Langston. And is the Breakfast Television’s Riaz Meghji doing a drive-by?

Geek on! Toronto Fan Expo Canada 2012

IMG_0770Toronto time! Fan Expo Canada is the third largest comic-con show in North America. Aug 23-25, 2012 over 80,000 fans gathered to get their geek on. Autographs, photos, question and answer panels, and every Star Wars lunch box you can imagine.

2012 guests were Gillian Anderson, Stan Lee (celebrating 50 years of spidey-man), our buddy Lou Ferrigno (heart him) to Nelson Ellis (Lafayette ala True Blood) to John Carpenter.

While the team in Vancouver did their social media magic I enjoyed spent four great days in Toronto in the hustle helping the casts of Criminal Minds, Revolution, Continuum, Lost Girl, and the hot new show: Arrow. We love working with the crew behind Hobby Star Marketing – they know how to put on a show!

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 5.35.57 PM DSC09058

West Coast’s Hottest (Biggest) Beach Music & Sports Fest

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 5.45.36 PMCanada’s Hottest Beach Festival, Center of Gravity, returned to the sandy beaches of Kelowna’s City Park Aug 3-5, 2012. The festival hosts some of the hottest names in electronic dance music, dance, and hip-hop with over 150 pro athletes competing in 7 different sports: beach volleyball, freestyle mountain biking, FMX, wakeboarding, skateboarding, BMX, and basketball. Highlights for 2012:

  • Attendance: 28,000 fans
  • Over 150 athletes and over 20 music performers
  • One of the biggest events of 2012 during one of the hottest summer weekends
  • Volleyball – Mens (1st Place): Chaim Schalk & Matt Zbyszewksi
  • Volleyball – Womens (1st Place): Jamie Broder & Kristina Valjas
  • Basketball Team (1st Place): Open the Cage – Vancouver
  • 30’ start ramp for the FMX and freestyle mountain bike shows.
  • A wakeboard winch jam where world-class wakeboarders and wakeskaters competed on Center of Gravity’s most technical course yet.

Let’s add to that round up numbers that Okanagan temperatures hit 37 degrees. The temp was hard to complain about even when our team was running media around the dirt & sand zones or managing the media pit.

The 3-day concert series saw electro heavyweights Nero, Miami Horror, and Bloody Beetroots performed alongside hip-hop legend Lupe Fiasco (Grammy winner) and rap up-and-comer Yelawolf (Eminem’s latest protege). Remix master Morgan Page was a highlight when he pulled out “Longest Road” (oh yah!).


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Calgary Expo 2012 Full Frontal Nerdity

CEX star trekFull Frontal Nerdity! Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo broke their record with over 55,000 fans celebrating all things pop culture.

Mediatonic PR got our geek on and ran the media relations and interviews for over 70 celeb guests, 200 artists, and the amazing team behind Calgary Expo.

Star Trek: The Next Gen icons to legendary Stan Lee. And the subcultural phenomenon of Cosplay (short for Costume Roleplay). It’s a fascinating aspect of the event – you’ve probably seen it on TV’s ‘Entourage’ (Drama in his Viking costume) spotlighting this whacky trend.

Calgary Expo hosted a huge special event – it was the first time reunion in over twenty years for the principal cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain Picard to Beverly Crusher – the cast led an epic Q&A panel and dished on behind the scene tales of the series. Now that is comic-con WOW!
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Holy Comicon! Fan Expo Comes to Vancouver

DSC07958Comicon Hollywood North finally arrived! In their inaugural year Fan Expo Vancouver SOLD OUT! The fan festival hosted over 12,000 fans.

Fan Expo Vancouver 2012 created an all-ages playground for fans of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming. Stars from the iconic, Star Trek: The Next Generation to one of today’s hottest fantasies, True Blood.

The convention also hosted the third annual Canadian Videogame Awards (April 21, 2012). The event honoured and celebrated the best and brightest in Canadian videogames, and was broadcast across the country on G4 Canada and CityTV.

A normal part of media relations for an event like this is to escort celebrity guests from radio and TV studios. Along that journey it was a treat to see even the most chill, non-star struck media come out of the woodworks to get a photo or autograph with Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) or Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller, Star Trek). And Lou Ferrigno will always hold a special spot for us – that man has a big heart and is a true pro.

Neesha Hothi & Shelley Mantei in the Bat Mobile. PR Mavens to the Rescue!

A sense of pride was struck as our PR team packed up the media desk on the last day and you could hear fans walking by saying…wow, it’s not just for geeks anymore.

Oddest (but normal for Comic-con life) thing said by our Agency Director, Shelley Mantei:

Sorry I’m late I got stuck behind R2D2

Guilty Pleasure: The T-shirt Tower!

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Unreasonably Long Post Title

Investment product, analyzing the results of advertising campaigns, promotional programs the brief, the experience of previous campaigns. Seling and buying is usually entitled to.

Maus-ey Press Kit

metamaus press kitIt’s a misconception about PR that an electronic press kit (EPK) needs to be pages and pages or elaborately designed.

Here’s a sample of an EPK we just did for a tech client needing Vancouver and Toronto exposure And it was all done on a small budget and inhouse.

Backgrounder:  Art Spiegelman is the author behind the Pulitzer winning, cult-classic graphic novel: Maus. For 25 years he’s answered the same questions: why mice, why a cartoon, why the Holocaust. Marking the 25th Anniversary he’s written METAMAUS: a Look Inside a Modern Classic, Maus. It has all his answers not just in book form, but also with an interactive DVD our client (8 Leaf Digital Productions) made for Random House/Pantheon.

View the full EPK here.

Naughty or Nice!

DSC06585Here’s a unique press release idea – that got crafty!

Just in time to catch media working on their holiday gift guides – we did a fun little mailout for our client Positive Energy Bands.

Capturing the essence of being the perfect little stocking stuffer we designed the press release to actually rollout like Santa’s list of who’s naughty or nice.

DSC06577In fact that just what we lead or messaging with: Naught or nice? Not all press releases need to be formal. You can have fun and get creative – as long as they still hold all the info media needs. One side functioned as the press release and the other side a product sheet. Our office was a flurry of rolling, ribbon tying, and hitting the post office.

See arts and crafts skills do come in handy in PR (once in awhile).

By the way – Positive Energy Bands are now available at London Drugs in the Greater Vancouver Area.

[VIEW the whole press release]

BMW Experience – Driving Skills

DSC01577Recently Mediatonic PR hosted some of our media friends at our client OpenRoad Auto Group’s BMW Langley Driving Skills Clinic.

The event was taught by Drivers Unlimited. It just so happens that this is the biggest outdoor training tarmac in all of Canada. All the better to swerve and dodge pylons, my dear!

Claudia Kwon at Global, Jenna Chow at CBC, Jeremy & Andy from KVOS, and Alexandra Straub at Province were some of our friends that took the wheels of speedy BMWs (BMW 128i, BMW 335is, & BMW 535i) and a peppy MINI Countryman. The other Beemers might be faster, but I loved my time in the super luxe 535i.

DSC01615 DSC01585

It was surprising to learn some of the real basics: like where to hold your hands on the wheel in the “3 & 9” spots or how to adjust your mirrors. A total thrill of the day was the “emergency braking” exercise. You just so rarely get to test braking at higher speeds.

It was a crisp Autumn day – and the smell of rubber and brakes mixed with adrenaline made for a really unique experience.