Shelley Mantei Van Sun Facebook.pngIt’s not very often a social media & PR agency gets to be on the front side of the news. I was taking an advanced Facebook course (hey we have to stay on top of social media trends too!) and in one of the talks social media expert, Mari Smith shared the same beliefs Mediatonic PR has on privacy and public boundaries of Facebook – personal pages, fan pages & the rest of your life.

Still from Catfish, a story of online intrigue.

So when the Vancouver Sun called for our opinion on the controversy stirred by social media-themed docudrama, Catfish, it only made sense to share ink space with Mari.

In the “Friends in the face of Facebook” article and daily we’re always being asked about how much personality to share. But personality is just part of the mix of proper social media sharing (it’s “not all about you,” so make sure you have a mixture of chat that cover these bases…

Mediatonic PR’s 4 P’s of Social Media Sharing (especially Twitter and Facebook):

  • Personality – Share who you are, what you’re doing, epiphanies. Note: No one cares what you are eating! Do NOT share you just ordered sushi unless it’s the best sushi you every had or something important about where or why you are having it.
  • Promotion – This is the blatant promotion of your business, your event, or YOU (but keep it conversational – not marketing spiel).
  • Pass It Along (Contribution) – Giving back to the community links and advice about what you know, read, watch, etc;  This should be info of interest to the people that you want following you.
  • Participation – If you want others to engage with you, you have to ask questions…give answers…retweet their messages…be engaging!

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