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“A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue”
– Truman Capote

The old school of marketing and communications was to broadcast your message. This no longer works with today’s sophisticated, media savvy audiences who want to engage in the conversation.

Mediatonic PR teaches you how to hold a conversation that gets your message out in a conversational manner – that is not always “all about you,” but rather about the very people you’re trying to reach.

Mediatonic PR believes in removing the smoke and mirrors around social media – we love to teach our clients so they understand what we’re doing, and we love to teach along the way so MTPR can make your internal team as self-sufficient as you need them to be.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

How do you know who’s out there? and are they even listening to you.

Mediatonic PR is on top of emerging tools that measure social media – and it’s not just about follower or fan numbers to gauge success. We know how to use these tools and interpret the gold mine within all the social media noise.

Mediatonic PR follows a daily measurement of channel subscribers, brand engagement, traffic analysis, content consumption, and conversations relevant to your brand. Ongoing review of relevant discussions taking place about your brand, products, services, and the competition. True insight!

Mediatonic PR does a deep-dive gathering of info to help fuel what your organization is doing with its messaging, customer service, and product development. Straight from the mouths of your unfiltered target audience.

….And we do all of this within social media meeting-places and touch points setup to deliver your message. Done in a coordinated fashion that ensures the legitimacy of your voice and the credibility of what you’re contributing to the community.

Navigate the Geek Speak – Mediatonic PR creates:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Social Media Releases (press releases)
  • Brand Storytelling for the Web
  • Podcast & video blogging (YouTube) strategies
  • Keyword Copy Writing – adjust current messaging for SEO
  • Social media monitoring & brand management
  • Social Media Profile management with Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites.
  • Specialized in Facebook & Twitter Marketing

Social Media Benefits

  • Authentic conversations with customers & stakeholders
  • Increased brand identity and visibility – protect your brand
  • Create effective social media PR campaigns
  • Real-time insights into your target group
  • Prepare for & manage a crisis on social media platforms
  • Connect directly with both traditional & online media
  • Promotion of products and services
  • Inbound links and traffic to your website
  • Increased insight with your target market
  • Monitor & Measure insights, trends and emerging issues

Social media is the two-way exchange of news and information across online platforms like blogs, social networks and video sharing sites. Social media creates extraordinary communication opportunities from reputation management to messaging and information flow.

Social media moves traditional media relations to the web. It’s there that Mediatonic PR helps its clients tap into online influencers – blogger and social media relations, running Internet marketing campaigns, and writing exceptional web content.

Facebook boasts more than 500 million in North America, over 85 million will connect on LinkedIn, and another 190 million on Twitter. Social Media networks are now the preferred tool for consumers to communicate with each other – and directly with you. How strong is your brand profile on these networks?

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