Shelley ManteiAgency Director

Our resident media maven. Fueled by coffee and corn dogs.

Hello! After 8 years Mediatonic Communications took a sabbatical as I moved in-house with a client we’d worked with for many years. Now after 20 comic cons in three years my full frontal nerdity journey has come to an end. I am now taking on consulting projects that require senior marketing and communications strategy. My specialities are PR, social media, and digital mar-com. 

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with incredible brands, brilliant minds and innovative companies. Because of the range of my experience and my partners, Mediatonic Communication’s mantra is to live and breathe our clients’ products and projects and become an integral part of their team.

Whether creating a brand’s strategy from scratch, refreshing an existing identity, word-smithing a message, mastering a communication plan, empowering a social media network, priming a website for conversions, or developing a publicity campaign, Mediatonic Communications works closely with clients to become a passionate, engaged extension of their company.