POW! Parade of Wonders & Calgary Expo

We get to do a really different type of entertainment PR when it comes to the media relations demanded of the comic-con (fan conference or convention) world. This past spring at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo we hosted over 60K fans and the stars of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Dr Who, Star Trek, Princess Bride, X-Files, and Star Wars (even Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher). You’ve never seen so many Slave Leia costumes! And then there was the concert for Weird Al Yankovic.

A highlight was doing the PR around Calgary’s first POW! Parade of Wonders – a parade built on the bizarre world of cosplay: Co-Marshalled by the Torchwood Trio: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, & Garret David Lloyd and Calgary Mayor Nenshi – who even rode in the ‘Back to the Future’ Deloren. Did we mention Mayor Nenshi even made our celebs honorary Calgarians in a White Hatting Ceremony.
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There was also an interesting morning press circuit with Casper Van Dien who had a Stormtroopers flashback while hosting the morning weather report on Breakfast TV and when we stopped by to see Tarzan Dan at the KOOL FM morning show – we were all wide awake after he broke out a Tarzan cry and showed off his Casper tattoo. It’s not every day that a publicist gets to enlist the help of Will Wheaton to write Star Trek-centric interview questions for other celebrity guests. Oh the lengths we go to, to help our media friends get their interviews!

Calgary Expo 2012 Full Frontal Nerdity

CEX star trekFull Frontal Nerdity! Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo broke their record with over 55,000 fans celebrating all things pop culture.

Mediatonic PR got our geek on and ran the media relations and interviews for over 70 celeb guests, 200 artists, and the amazing team behind Calgary Expo.

Star Trek: The Next Gen icons to legendary Stan Lee. And the subcultural phenomenon of Cosplay (short for Costume Roleplay). It’s a fascinating aspect of the event – you’ve probably seen it on TV’s ‘Entourage’ (Drama in his Viking costume) spotlighting this whacky trend.

Calgary Expo hosted a huge special event – it was the first time reunion in over twenty years for the principal cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain Picard to Beverly Crusher – the cast led an epic Q&A panel and dished on behind the scene tales of the series. Now that is comic-con WOW!
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