Talking Sexy Dancing on CBC

If you missed the CBC Weekend Scene edition – check out this clip. Carla Catherwood gives the low down on her nuvo-Burleque – which is at the heart of the Burlesque Beauties. And some fun footage of the Pinup Saints & Nico Archambault (STYTCD winner). Love his response to the R-rated question.

Carla and the Burleque Beauties recently opened for the Pinups, and also for Russel Peters at his recent GM Place show.

For the Luv of It

Carla.jpgIf you’re a secret addict to “So You Think You Can Dance” or “America’s Best Dance Crew” this is right up your alley. Carla Catherwood (the founder of the Burlesque Beauties – one of our fav clients because they’re always up to something neat), also leads an annual Fundraiser called For the Luv of It.

She also
did a similar one at the Caprice called for the “Hell of It” at Halloween.

Two of the highlites of the show were the Ukulele playing, vocal dreamy gal: Katie Go Go (You Tube). And the other was N.O.N. Dance Crew – one of the world’s best (and Canada’s pride) best BBOY hip hop crews. (You Tube).