Talking Sexy Dancing on CBC

If you missed the CBC Weekend Scene edition – check out this clip. Carla Catherwood gives the low down on her nuvo-Burleque – which is at the heart of the Burlesque Beauties. And some fun footage of the Pinup Saints & Nico Archambault (STYTCD winner). Love his response to the R-rated question.

Carla and the Burleque Beauties recently opened for the Pinups, and also for Russel Peters at his recent GM Place show.

Aloe Design and Worm Poo

IMG_1324.JPGA star in the making – Caitlin from Aloe Designs has been on the TV circuit talking about Garden Design on CBC, Urban Rush and Breakfast Television.

Caitlin got to appreciate that for CBC and Breakfast TV that means early o clock tapings.  And convo on Urban Rush would have to linger on a product Caitlin was describing, aptly called “Worm Poo.”

Fiona Forbes: It is what it is. It’s worm poo people. Stop calling it ‘compost tea’. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Fiona.