Painting Vancouver White – Diner en Blanc

Global dining phenomenon, Dîner en Blanc® has left its mark on Vancouver! The très chic pop-up picnic imported from Paris invited culinary and culture enthusiasts dressed in white to converge upon secret outdoor locales in 20 cities across 5 continents.

The most magic this city has seen since the magic of the Olympics.

Mediatonic PR proudly worked closely with our client The Social Concierge to bring the spirit of France to Vancouver by enlisting Top Chef Canada winner Dale MacKay along with a host of French entertainers, including internationally acclaimed Les Noces Gitanes.

Where was the SECRET location? The Jack Poole Plaza at Vancouver Convention Centre (home of the 2010 Olympic torch).


What was the biggest Public Relations challenge? 1) Not telling media until 30 minutes before the dinner started. Which was still 30 minutes before the diners themselves knew the location! 2) And enforcing the rules that even media wore white.

How’d it work? Part mystery, part magic, part je ne sais quoi, the day of the event unfolds the same in every city: the site is revealed at the last-minute to preserve spontaneity and secrecy. 1,200 guests met at designated rallying points where Table Hosts escorted them to the big reveal of the secret location. All dressed in elegant white (mandatory), brought their own epicurean meals (or pre-ordered a Chef MacKay picnic), non-disposable dinnerware, crystal, and table set. When it was time to leave, guests packed all they arrived with and headed into the night, no sign of their sophisticated revelry left behind.

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Part of the Mediatonic PR Team: Shelley Mantei, Erin O’Callaghan, Neesha Hothi


Novus TV (CityLights) Natalie Langston. And is the Breakfast Television’s Riaz Meghji doing a drive-by?

Electric Owl Launching in Vancouver

EO_Generic_050911Our office is buzzing with inquiries about Electric Owl the “new it spot” that’s about to take our rumoured to be ‘no fun city’ by storm.

Asia’s such a darn big place the owners of Electric Owl figured that no one would mind if they borrowed here and there. Japanese style snacks prepared by a Vietnamese chef in an Izakaya-inspired room followed by a fortune cookie and a live band? The food is just as important as the musical line up – intriguing Izakaya theme for the social club’s menu, featuring Owl Poutine with teriyaki parmesan, green onions, nori, and mayo…to Tosa Tuna Tataki slices of Ocean Wise BC Albacore tuna that melt in your mouth.

Hooked yet? We are seriously excited to hear !!! (Chk Chk Chk) take the stage on May 27. More details here