Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Editorial Shoot

cheryl-hickey.jpgIt’s that time of year – Christmas fashion editorials. As many of you in the biz know that means months in advance of slipping in requests for product placement. Well we thought it’d be fun to show you the back end of some of those shoots for the Vancouver View, featuring our fav stylist, Crystal Carson.

Look at all the loot!! I mean fashion product: Betsy Johnson heels to Vintage Halston and lots of Canadian scores in between. Lots of Jason Matlo, Obakki, and (right) Cheryl Hickey sports a locally designed, Paired Hummingbirds necklace. [Crystal & Shelley (me) in front of the racks, Model/Actors  Olivia Chen & Aleks Paunovic)]

van view shoot2.jpgvan view shoot.jpg

Crystal’s not just our fav, she was also being featured by ET Canada (in front of the camera, but also styling both Cheryl Hickey and Rick Campanelli) while they were in Vancouver shooting their BC-theme week.
rick ET canada.jpgcheryl hickey shoes.jpg

You had to tune into ET Canada to see the feature episode, but want to see the final Vancouver View shoot pics? Amazing!!

Van View Fashion2010.png
Vancover Fashion Editorial2.png
Vancouver Fashion Editorial3.png

Curvy Consciousness

Mediatonic called upon influential fashion media (whether they’re curvy or not) to to help raise the curvy consciousness! with our client, Lola & Gigi.

lola gigi2.JPG
Curvy runway queens, Crystal Renn & Kate Dillon; and now Laura Caravaggio of the weboutique Lola & Gigi….these women are all paving the way to bring +SIZE fashions to curvy women. Curvy women who already have the “it” bag, Louboutin shoes…but are frustrated trying to find clothing to match.

From CBC Radio, Calgary Herald, to local Shaw Express and fashion bloggers – it was very empowering to help Laura spread the word on how the plus size fashion market is changing, its impact on curvy girls’ self-image and kick off her west coast road show.