Strictly Come Dancing in London

IMG_2902.JPGGreetings from London – I’ve not even been here a week and so much, so much. My first day I kicked off the jetlag & Katya Virshilas and I caught Wicked the Musical and cocktails after with some of the cast. A shopping day, and then time to kick into action.

The BBC did the big reveal – to announce all the pros and celebs on Strictly Come Dancing (UK version of Dancing with the Stars). Finally code names and secrecy toned down (a bit). Katya’s pro partner is Bad Boy of Ballroom – Brendan Cole, and her celeb partner is the very cheeky, charmer: Phil Tufnell ex-cricketer. Team Tuffer the fans are calling them!one show.png

After the press conference Phil, Katya, joined two of their castmates to do the BBC The One Show. The best part was hanging in the green room (where these shots are from). Far right in the group shot is Alan Cummings (love him, and lots to chat about) – he was at the Obakki fashion show across from me, and both he and Katya were in the movie Reefer Madness (hearing them sing the bizarre songs they remembered fromt the move – was funny!). And after John Sargeant (host of the show) joined us for lots of wine and told his tales of Strictly last season when he was on it.