Junos Sunday

  • 1pm:  Artist Sanctuary at Loden Hotel penthouse. 2 floors of swag, spa, oxygen bar, martinis, repeat. Carla Catherwood and I hook up with Jens & Tyson. Truly highlite of weekend especially since we’re the guests of Grey Goose –primary sponsor of said martinis.
  • 3pm: Dress rehearsal for Carla & Burlesque Beauties for Official After Party – Hosted by Russel Peters (Junos MC this year) & scoot by red carpet say hi to some media folks.
  • 4pm: Do not attend actual Junos (I learned that lesson last time or you’ll never make it thru the full nite) – instead….supper…disco nap (highly under-rated).IMG_1279.JPG
  • 9pm:  Official Junos After Party – Russel’s  posse tries to steal our vodka.  Backstage with the girls there is lots of stretching, whips, and giggles. Somewhere in between here an incident that leaves a bruise that will help me remember the night.
  • Do the circuit and all after parties are fairly lame because Vancouver has forgotten that we are not a big enough city to host multiple “it” parties in one nite so instead all are tepid.
  • 1am: Finally three of us girls are whisked off by Rob Rizk to Deadmaus – electronica DJ who won “the juno” but I still don’t know exactly for what, but finally all lame parties ended up here so I had an epic fun 30 minutes before suddenly knowing it was time to leave – quick good by to one of the girls and dove into cab without further goodbyes.
  • 2:50am: Mobile phone ringing (checking home safe/inviting back to Loden)…ugh…dog up…banging…tripping over shoes left in kitchen….shhh don’t wake up husband. @*$% I need I glass of water. Husband still snoring. Wooh.