Center of Gravity Kicked!

DSC00872What do you get when you have a music and sports festival that sells out over 22,000 tickets and 3 weeks before festival weekend?

One amazing weekend. And a whole lot of work to make it all run smoothly.

Center of Gravity 2011 took Kelowna by storm with the Mediatonic PR team by its side. Chromeo, Dragonette, A-Trak, Calvin Harris, Classified, DiRTY RADIO, and 16 other chart topper bands mixed it up with over 150 athletes.
And while the beaches were burning, so were the newswires – the festival indexed as one of Google Canada’s Top Stories. That is hot. That’s a whole lot of sports & music PR!


Want to see more highlights? Read Here.

Ready for COG 2012?


Rule of Thumb

Cowie and Fox are the Vancouver branding guru’s behind lululemon campaigns and more.

And they gave Mediatonic PR props as social media experts, and for the rule of thumb they follow for their blog – a well mixed cocktail of both sharing their personality and their business. Their blog gets thumbs up from us – they talk about everything from what’s on the desks of their team to the history of the Coke bottle…to what the next trends are for colours.

Cowie Fox.png