Maus-ey Press Kit

metamaus press kitIt’s a misconception about PR that an electronic press kit (EPK) needs to be pages and pages or elaborately designed.

Here’s a sample of an EPK we just did for a tech client needing Vancouver and Toronto exposure And it was all done on a small budget and inhouse.

Backgrounder:  Art Spiegelman is the author behind the Pulitzer winning, cult-classic graphic novel: Maus. For 25 years he’s answered the same questions: why mice, why a cartoon, why the Holocaust. Marking the 25th Anniversary he’s written METAMAUS: a Look Inside a Modern Classic, Maus. It has all his answers not just in book form, but also with an interactive DVD our client (8 Leaf Digital Productions) made for Random House/Pantheon.

View the full EPK here.

Naughty or Nice!

DSC06585Here’s a unique press release idea – that got crafty!

Just in time to catch media working on their holiday gift guides – we did a fun little mailout for our client Positive Energy Bands.

Capturing the essence of being the perfect little stocking stuffer we designed the press release to actually rollout like Santa’s list of who’s naughty or nice.

DSC06577In fact that just what we lead or messaging with: Naught or nice? Not all press releases need to be formal. You can have fun and get creative – as long as they still hold all the info media needs. One side functioned as the press release and the other side a product sheet. Our office was a flurry of rolling, ribbon tying, and hitting the post office.

See arts and crafts skills do come in handy in PR (once in awhile).

By the way – Positive Energy Bands are now available at London Drugs in the Greater Vancouver Area.

[VIEW the whole press release]

Center of Gravity Kicked!

DSC00872What do you get when you have a music and sports festival that sells out over 22,000 tickets and 3 weeks before festival weekend?

One amazing weekend. And a whole lot of work to make it all run smoothly.

Center of Gravity 2011 took Kelowna by storm with the Mediatonic PR team by its side. Chromeo, Dragonette, A-Trak, Calvin Harris, Classified, DiRTY RADIO, and 16 other chart topper bands mixed it up with over 150 athletes.
And while the beaches were burning, so were the newswires – the festival indexed as one of Google Canada’s Top Stories. That is hot. That’s a whole lot of sports & music PR!


Want to see more highlights? Read Here.

Ready for COG 2012?


Friends in face of Facebook

Shelley Mantei Van Sun Facebook.pngIt’s not very often a social media & PR agency gets to be on the front side of the news. I was taking an advanced Facebook course (hey we have to stay on top of social media trends too!) and in one of the talks social media expert, Mari Smith shared the same beliefs Mediatonic PR has on privacy and public boundaries of Facebook – personal pages, fan pages & the rest of your life.

Still from Catfish, a story of online intrigue.

So when the Vancouver Sun called for our opinion on the controversy stirred by social media-themed docudrama, Catfish, it only made sense to share ink space with Mari.

In the “Friends in the face of Facebook” article and daily we’re always being asked about how much personality to share. But personality is just part of the mix of proper social media sharing (it’s “not all about you,” so make sure you have a mixture of chat that cover these bases…

Mediatonic PR’s 4 P’s of Social Media Sharing (especially Twitter and Facebook):

  • Personality – Share who you are, what you’re doing, epiphanies. Note: No one cares what you are eating! Do NOT share you just ordered sushi unless it’s the best sushi you every had or something important about where or why you are having it.
  • Promotion – This is the blatant promotion of your business, your event, or YOU (but keep it conversational – not marketing spiel).
  • Pass It Along (Contribution) – Giving back to the community links and advice about what you know, read, watch, etc;  This should be info of interest to the people that you want following you.
  • Participation – If you want others to engage with you, you have to ask questions…give answers…retweet their messages…be engaging!

:: Read the full Vancouver Sun article

LIVE@Squamish Music Festival a Success

Live-at-Squamish-104-309x413.jpgWow! When the Vancouver Sun dubs you the little festival that did what no other could you have to know you just finished something really great. Our other favorite article came from the Georgia Straight: Devo, Said the Whale, Dirty Vegas mae first-ever LIVE at Squamish festival a triumph.

Oh yeah.

liveatsquamish_2010.jpgWorking on the LIVE at Squamish project for the last four months was so amazing. In a time when Pemberton, Virginfest, and Lilith Fair either struggled or decided to not even throw their hat in the the ring there were alot of challenges and the brandLIVE team beat them all. They are a crew of talented (and fun) people that brought out the best in us!

From tweetups to meet & greats, and talking with the fans and media in the social media channels made this a PR experience like no other. So look out for LIVE@Squamish 2011!

Rule of Thumb

Cowie and Fox are the Vancouver branding guru’s behind lululemon campaigns and more.

And they gave Mediatonic PR props as social media experts, and for the rule of thumb they follow for their blog – a well mixed cocktail of both sharing their personality and their business. Their blog gets thumbs up from us – they talk about everything from what’s on the desks of their team to the history of the Coke bottle…to what the next trends are for colours.

Cowie Fox.png