Center of Gravity Kicked!

DSC00872What do you get when you have a music and sports festival that sells out over 22,000 tickets and 3 weeks before festival weekend?

One amazing weekend. And a whole lot of work to make it all run smoothly.

Center of Gravity 2011 took Kelowna by storm with the Mediatonic PR team by its side. Chromeo, Dragonette, A-Trak, Calvin Harris, Classified, DiRTY RADIO, and 16 other chart topper bands mixed it up with over 150 athletes.
And while the beaches were burning, so were the newswires – the festival indexed as one of Google Canada’s Top Stories. That is hot. That’s a whole lot of sports & music PR!


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Ready for COG 2012?


Dog Day Afternoon at Mediatonic PR

DSC00649Every good brand needs a mascot – ours just happens to be Theo the Office Dog.

Theo figured he’d show us how it’s done!  And apparently he’s a fan of our view too.

Thank goodness he’s a barkless dog because he’s a Basenji. And don’t even get us started on how stealth he is at pickpocketing lip glosses – or stealing muffins from your desk. It’s sometimes the whole team against him to save our backed goods!


DSC00652  DSC00654

New Client Gets Bent

down dog.pngDon’t know about you but most of our Tonic Team struggles with downward dog, so we’re going to be gawking in awe at the pretzel poses of the 2010 annual Western Canadian Hatha Yoga Championships.

This 8th Annual spectator sport showcases the extreme physical (and mental) demands of yoga poses – similar to gymnastics floor routines – and competitors are judged on similar requirements.

Canada’s best yoga athletes are challenged not to beat their opponent, but rather to improve themselves and inspire sportsmanship, the yoga community and their selves. The top two champions will be sent onward to the World Hatha Yoga Championships! More details here

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Olympic PR

ontario.jpgA life highlight was experiencing Vancouver during the Olympics 2010. I have never felt so much pride for my city and my industry.

And to top it off a career milestone too – Mediatonic PR was involved with one of the most exciting houses, the Ontario Pavillion. From launching Wayne Gretzky’s #99 Wine, and music talent like Broken Social Scene, to Wayne Gretzky 99 Olympics.jpgtechnology never seen before: where guests of the Ontario House in Vancouver used devices on their head and mind power to control the lights in Ontario on CN Tower, Niagara Falls and Parliament Hill. Wacky!

But nothing touched the amazing experience doing the social media and public relations to feature the very first 3D video game without glasses. This was the creation of Sheridan College. They were an amazing team to work with, and some we even made video-blogger stars!

olympic bloggers.jpg

Media visitors at the 4D Theatre: Rebecca Bolwitt (aka Miss 604), John Biehler and Kris Krug

And if that wasn’t enough, just down the path was our client, Edgewater Casino hosting the Celebration Village. This biggest Chinese Celebration ever! and it ran during the full Olympics period.

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