TIFF Time in Toronto

IMG_3082.JPGStraight from London to join Lindsay at Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF) 2009. She’s working her butt off (crazy hours!!) working for E1 Entertainment – they have 20 flicks in TIFF this year. We’ve rubbed elbows with Colin Farrell, Clive Owen (ladies this man is way better looking in real life, talk about ‘movie star’ GQ glam), to Chris Rock and Julianne Moore. TIFF has huge star power rolling in – from Oprah to Drew Barrymoore.

The highlight: after-party for Harry Brown (good flick guys!) which was hosted by London’s Soho House/Shoreditch in a section of the Bay Subway station. The waiting platform transformed into one of their private houses including the same ‘Cowshed’ toiletries (very funny) and on each side of the platform was a stopped subway train that you could cool off on with their AC, dance or hang out in. Very very cool. Next up, Almira’s now joined us and our trio is off to Nikki Beach rooftop on the Hyatt. See you there!

(This pic is from the ET Canada party – they ramped up the rooftop of a parking garage on Yorkville)