Fan Expo Sets Records & PR Firsts

It’s truly the age of the nerd. This past spring we did the media relations for Fan Expo Vancouver – this time moving into the bigger convention hall. And in 2014 we’ll now be expanding to three days.  We’ll have to top Tia Carriere (shwing!) co-hosting the entire CityTV morning show with Riaz Meghji. And Lord of the Rings star, Sean Astin, front cover of the Vancouver Sun with his joining the Sun Run in support of the Boston Marathon bombings.

And this fall we raised the comic-con bar with social media love for Fan Expo Canada. This year Fan Expo added sports to the event and became only the second event to ever take-over the entire Toronto Convention Centre and hosted over 117K fans! Massive full frontal nerdity!!

DSC09667 IMG_1280

Geek on! Toronto Fan Expo Canada 2012

IMG_0770Toronto time! Fan Expo Canada is the third largest comic-con show in North America. Aug 23-25, 2012 over 80,000 fans gathered to get their geek on. Autographs, photos, question and answer panels, and every Star Wars lunch box you can imagine.

2012 guests were Gillian Anderson, Stan Lee (celebrating 50 years of spidey-man), our buddy Lou Ferrigno (heart him) to Nelson Ellis (Lafayette ala True Blood) to John Carpenter.

While the team in Vancouver did their social media magic I enjoyed spent four great days in Toronto in the hustle helping the casts of Criminal Minds, Revolution, Continuum, Lost Girl, and the hot new show: Arrow. We love working with the crew behind Hobby Star Marketing – they know how to put on a show!

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 5.35.57 PM DSC09058

Maus-ey Press Kit

metamaus press kitIt’s a misconception about PR that an electronic press kit (EPK) needs to be pages and pages or elaborately designed.

Here’s a sample of an EPK we just did for a tech client needing Vancouver and Toronto exposure And it was all done on a small budget and inhouse.

Backgrounder:  Art Spiegelman is the author behind the Pulitzer winning, cult-classic graphic novel: Maus. For 25 years he’s answered the same questions: why mice, why a cartoon, why the Holocaust. Marking the 25th Anniversary he’s written METAMAUS: a Look Inside a Modern Classic, Maus. It has all his answers not just in book form, but also with an interactive DVD our client (8 Leaf Digital Productions) made for Random House/Pantheon.

View the full EPK here.

TIFF Time in Toronto

IMG_3082.JPGStraight from London to join Lindsay at Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF) 2009. She’s working her butt off (crazy hours!!) working for E1 Entertainment – they have 20 flicks in TIFF this year. We’ve rubbed elbows with Colin Farrell, Clive Owen (ladies this man is way better looking in real life, talk about ‘movie star’ GQ glam), to Chris Rock and Julianne Moore. TIFF has huge star power rolling in – from Oprah to Drew Barrymoore.

The highlight: after-party for Harry Brown (good flick guys!) which was hosted by London’s Soho House/Shoreditch in a section of the Bay Subway station. The waiting platform transformed into one of their private houses including the same ‘Cowshed’ toiletries (very funny) and on each side of the platform was a stopped subway train that you could cool off on with their AC, dance or hang out in. Very very cool. Next up, Almira’s now joined us and our trio is off to Nikki Beach rooftop on the Hyatt. See you there!

(This pic is from the ET Canada party – they ramped up the rooftop of a parking garage on Yorkville)