Electric Owl Launching in Vancouver

EO_Generic_050911Our office is buzzing with inquiries about Electric Owl the “new it spot” that’s about to take our rumoured to be ‘no fun city’ by storm.

Asia’s such a darn big place the owners of Electric Owl figured that no one would mind if they borrowed here and there. Japanese style snacks prepared by a Vietnamese chef in an Izakaya-inspired room followed by a fortune cookie and a live band? The food is just as important as the musical line up – intriguing Izakaya theme for the social club’s menu, featuring Owl Poutine with teriyaki parmesan, green onions, nori, and mayo…to Tosa Tuna Tataki slices of Ocean Wise BC Albacore tuna that melt in your mouth.

Hooked yet? We are seriously excited to hear !!! (Chk Chk Chk) take the stage on May 27. More details here

New Client Gets Bent

down dog.pngDon’t know about you but most of our Tonic Team struggles with downward dog, so we’re going to be gawking in awe at the pretzel poses of the 2010 annual Western Canadian Hatha Yoga Championships.

This 8th Annual spectator sport showcases the extreme physical (and mental) demands of yoga poses – similar to gymnastics floor routines – and competitors are judged on similar requirements.

Canada’s best yoga athletes are challenged not to beat their opponent, but rather to improve themselves and inspire sportsmanship, the yoga community and their selves. The top two champions will be sent onward to the World Hatha Yoga Championships! More details here

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LIVE@Squamish Music Festival a Success

Live-at-Squamish-104-309x413.jpgWow! When the Vancouver Sun dubs you the little festival that did what no other could you have to know you just finished something really great. Our other favorite article came from the Georgia Straight: Devo, Said the Whale, Dirty Vegas mae first-ever LIVE at Squamish festival a triumph.

Oh yeah.

liveatsquamish_2010.jpgWorking on the LIVE at Squamish project for the last four months was so amazing. In a time when Pemberton, Virginfest, and Lilith Fair either struggled or decided to not even throw their hat in the the ring there were alot of challenges and the brandLIVE team beat them all. They are a crew of talented (and fun) people that brought out the best in us!

From tweetups to meet & greats, and talking with the fans and media in the social media channels made this a PR experience like no other. So look out for LIVE@Squamish 2011!

Olympic PR

ontario.jpgA life highlight was experiencing Vancouver during the Olympics 2010. I have never felt so much pride for my city and my industry.

And to top it off a career milestone too – Mediatonic PR was involved with one of the most exciting houses, the Ontario Pavillion. From launching Wayne Gretzky’s #99 Wine, and music talent like Broken Social Scene, to Wayne Gretzky 99 Olympics.jpgtechnology never seen before: where guests of the Ontario House in Vancouver used devices on their head and mind power to control the lights in Ontario on CN Tower, Niagara Falls and Parliament Hill. Wacky!

But nothing touched the amazing experience doing the social media and public relations to feature the very first 3D video game without glasses. This was the creation of Sheridan College. They were an amazing team to work with, and some we even made video-blogger stars!

olympic bloggers.jpg

Media visitors at the 4D Theatre: Rebecca Bolwitt (aka Miss 604), John Biehler and Kris Krug

And if that wasn’t enough, just down the path was our client, Edgewater Casino hosting the Celebration Village. This biggest Chinese Celebration ever! and it ran during the full Olympics period.

P.S. Check out some personal Olympics 2010 experiences.

Flirting with Words – Crave

On Monday I’m going to be on a panel speaking at Crave’s latest Coffee Chat session, called Flirting with Words:
• Learn secrets on writing captivating copy for your website, blog, ads and more
• Discover what Cosmo can teach you about headlines that work hard but look sexy
• Check out examples of brilliant writing “dos” – and a few disastrous “don’ts”
• Get advice on how to craft enticing Twitter and Facebook updates
Coffee Chat_Crave.png
Speakers: Danielle LaPorte (White Hot Truth) and Shelley Mantei (Mediatonic PR)
Topic: Flirting with Words
When: Monday, October 19th from 6-8pm
Where: Nailpolitan, 1032 Hamilton St, Vancouver BC
Price: $25 USD per person

Rule of Thumb

Cowie and Fox are the Vancouver branding guru’s behind lululemon campaigns and more.

And they gave Mediatonic PR props as social media experts, and for the rule of thumb they follow for their blog – a well mixed cocktail of both sharing their personality and their business. Their blog gets thumbs up from us – they talk about everything from what’s on the desks of their team to the history of the Coke bottle…to what the next trends are for colours.

Cowie Fox.png

Fav Summer 2009 Events in Vancouver

Young and Restless Tea.pngPart of the job is helping our clients be seen – and that means that we get to go to alot of fun events. And just our own! Some of my favorites this summer have been.

Obakki Fashion Show, Thursday afternoon’s at the Loden Hotel penthouse suite (not show), the Opus Hotel Bollywood Street Party, and a test drive on the amazing rooftop patio for the new Keg at Yaletown (you won’t need the cozy blankets yet – the fireplaces and heaters are amazing.

I also got to join media veterans: Joe Leary, Tamara Taggart, and Jim Gordan for tea with a bunch from the Young and the Restless (we’re all not-so-closet-anymore fans).


Junos Sunday

  • 1pm:  Artist Sanctuary at Loden Hotel penthouse. 2 floors of swag, spa, oxygen bar, martinis, repeat. Carla Catherwood and I hook up with Jens & Tyson. Truly highlite of weekend especially since we’re the guests of Grey Goose –primary sponsor of said martinis.
  • 3pm: Dress rehearsal for Carla & Burlesque Beauties for Official After Party – Hosted by Russel Peters (Junos MC this year) & scoot by red carpet say hi to some media folks.
  • 4pm: Do not attend actual Junos (I learned that lesson last time or you’ll never make it thru the full nite) – instead….supper…disco nap (highly under-rated).IMG_1279.JPG
  • 9pm:  Official Junos After Party – Russel’s  posse tries to steal our vodka.  Backstage with the girls there is lots of stretching, whips, and giggles. Somewhere in between here an incident that leaves a bruise that will help me remember the night.
  • Do the circuit and all after parties are fairly lame because Vancouver has forgotten that we are not a big enough city to host multiple “it” parties in one nite so instead all are tepid.
  • 1am: Finally three of us girls are whisked off by Rob Rizk to Deadmaus – electronica DJ who won “the juno” but I still don’t know exactly for what, but finally all lame parties ended up here so I had an epic fun 30 minutes before suddenly knowing it was time to leave – quick good by to one of the girls and dove into cab without further goodbyes.
  • 2:50am: Mobile phone ringing (checking home safe/inviting back to Loden)…ugh…dog up…banging…tripping over shoes left in kitchen….shhh don’t wake up husband. @*$% I need I glass of water. Husband still snoring. Wooh.